A typical working day for Paul


Social Media Executive

Name: Paul Kenyon

Job Title: Designer & Developer

Where were you born: Leighton Hospital, Cheshire

Where do you live now: Calveley, Cheshire

Paul Kenyon

Describe a typical working day for you:

I wake up between 6.30 – 7 am, have breakfast which is usually porridge or muesli as well as a coffee.

The first thing I do when I get into work is to check my emails and Basecamp to see what jobs I have for the day, I then check with the rest of the deign/dev team to see if they need help with anything before I get started on my own assignments.

I’m lucky, in the respect that each day at Entyce is different. I don’t work on the same type of assignments day in day out, one day I could be working on a branding project and the next I could be building a web page for one of our clients.

Outside of work I like to take my dog for long walks, usually across the local fields where I live.


How long does it take you to travel to work?

Without traffic, about 25 minutes, with traffic usually about 45-50 minutes

What do you wear to work?

Usually jeans and jumper or shirt

What is your favourite thing about going to work?

Without a doubt, the best thing about working at Entyce is the people. Everyone gets on really well and there is always plenty of banter!

I also enjoy the fact that my workload is varied, so it’s never a dull day.

Do you have a favourite website design?

That’s a tough one! It probably changes on a weekly basis, but a go-to for me is always Behance and Pinterest as they are both great for inspiration.

On a typical day, what do you have for lunch?

Usually either chicken, pasta or soup

What is your favourite social media platform? 

Instagram or Pinterest

What is your favourite font? 

Sofia Pro, but you can’t beat good old Helvetica

What are you most famous for at Entyce? 

Probably saying “clear your cache”

Where do you have your lunch at work? 

Sometimes at my desk, but I always try to have a break from the monitor, so I tend to go for a walk outside.

Who would your dream client be? 

Probably Chester Zoo or Cadburys

What’s your favourite book?

I like most books by John Grisham or John Le Carre

Who really makes the best cup of tea at work?

Olivia or Ginny