A typical working day for Rachel

A typical working day for Rachel


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Find out what a typical day looks like for our Account Manager, Rachel Shaw.

Rachel Shaw

 Job Title: 

Account Manager

 Where were you born:


 Where do you live now: 


Describe a typical working day for you: 

 I usually set my alarm for 6:30am and leave the house for 8:00am. My journey to work is usually stress free, but the centre of Warrington can sometimes slow me down. I’m quite bad and skip breakfast, but usually have a piece of fruit for a morning snack.

My day at Entyce is never the same, but I usually start by checking my emails as well as a quick check of Basecamp and WorkflowMax. My role involves managing our clients and the team’s daily schedule of work, so a big part of my day involves being the main point of contact for clients and ensuring all of our work is completed to our high standards.

In the evenings, I usually get home by 6:30pm. If I get home before my husband, I’ll take the dog for a stroll and he’ll make tea. I sometimes meet friends for tea or try and chill out for a few hours and catch up on whatever tv series we are watching.

How long does it take you to travel to work?

It usually takes me 40 mins, but longer if the traffic is bad.

What do you wear to work?

Usually jeans and a smart top or jumper. If I have a client meeting I’ll usually wear a smart dress.

What is your favourite thing about going to work?

Apart from the fact that we have a great team, I love the fact that no day is the same and that we have a wide variety of different clients.

Do you have a favourite website design? 

It’s hard to choose, but I like websites with big, bold imagery and good branding.

On a typical day, what do you have for lunch? 

It depends what I’m in the mood for, but usually something warm like chicken and veg or a bit of Pasta and Sauce.

What is your favourite social media platform? 

For me, it’s a hard choice between Instagram or Facebook.

What is your favourite font? 

I’m not really fussed as long as its easy to read and inline with the overall design.

What are you most famous for at Entyce?
I’m not sure I’m famous for anything in particular, but I’m know to make mean Pasta and Sauce in the microwave

Where do you have your lunch at work? 

If it’s a busy day, which it usually is, I’ll have my lunch at my desk. For a bit of a break, I’ll have it in the kitchen.

Who would your dream client be? 

It would be fun to work with a well-known venue or food brand.

What’s your favourite book? 

I must have read Matilda a hundred times when I was younger!

Who really makes the best cup of tea at work?

I haven’t had a bad cup of tea yet. As long as it’s got sugar in it, I’m not fussy.