Video case study: Entyce’s Christmas Video 2015


As many of you may have already heard or seen, the team at Entyce decided to rally together at Delamere Forest one drizzly November afternoon last year to shoot our Christmas video for 2015!

The idea for the video came from Paul, one of our Web Developers, and gave us a great opportunity to get in front of resident Videographer Tom’s camera and play about in some (fake) snow. In the process, we also increased awareness of The Rachel Harry Fund and made our own donation to the charity.

While it was great to be able to show off the team and have some Christmas fun, the video was a genuinely effective way for us to find out just how much of a difference video content can make to the interest surrounding a website.

As we’d never really created a promotional company video for ourselves before, we were delighted to see just how many new visitors one well-produced and well-timed video brought to the Entyce website.

We uploaded the video to YouTube on 2nd December and to Facebook on 3rd December – around five weeks ago now.

To date, the video’s post on Facebook has earned:

  • 3,346 video views

As a result of the timely Facebook promotion, the YouTube version of the video received its own 515 views and Google Analytics data shows that the Entyce website received a significant boost, including:

  • 74% increase in sessions via social referral
  • 86% increase in goal conversion rate
  • 115% increase in the number of visits
  • 35% increase in sessions on the website
  • 36% increase in unique visitors to the website
  • 41% increase in the number of page views
  • 5% increase in the number of pages visited per session
  • 7% decrease in the site’s bounce rate.

These stats make the Entyce Christmas Video 2015 the most engaging post we published on social media in the entirety of last year – so, it’s safe to say we went out with a bang!

Interested to see how a video marketing campaign could boost your website’s profile? Get in touch with us to see how we could replicate these results for your business!