Video marketing: Tips for getting noticed

Video marketing: Tips for getting noticed

Video marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics that any marketer can use. With estimates showing that by 2021 people will spend over 100 minutes a day viewing online videos, if you aren’t already doing so, producing and sharing video content will become a crucial component to your overall marketing strategy.

With these estimates published in February, these figures may already be a reality due to the way in which our lives have changed over the past six months, and thereby how we view and engage with marketing materials.

As video is now a prominent feature in the marketing strategies of countless companies (including your competitors), it can be tricky to ensure your videos stand out amongst the crowd. Take a look at our top tips below on how to get your videos noticed.

Make it relevant and valuable

First and foremost, obviously you need to gear any video content you make towards your target audience. This will mean sitting down and pinpointing ideas that will bring value you to audience, whether that is a step by step guide, a Q&A session, an interview or tips.

Add subtitles

Many videos are watched to some degree or another in silence. Whether someone adds volume after a video piques their interest, or they watch the video in its entirety without the sound on, your videos must find a way to engage them, and this means subtitles.

Use graphics

Utilising graphics can take your video from amateur to professional. Even if this simply involves a title page and end page, they can make a huge difference to engagement rates. Again, there are many tools out there to help you with these graphics, or you can choose to use the talents of professional videographers to take your video to that next level.

Upload to YouTube

While many may post a video directly to their website or on their social media, hosting it on YouTube can have a number of benefits. First and foremost, sharing form YouTube will allow the platform to adjust the quality of the video depending on a viewer’s broadband speed, this means no off-putting buffering. YouTube also comes with its own SEO pull, which (if your site is linked to your account) can help your rankings, as well as appearing within searches on the platform itself. And finally, for audiences wanting to share your video, YouTube makes it extremely simple to do so, thereby increasing your engagement rates.

Share on social

Share, share and share your videos time and time again. The best videos will act as evergreen content, meaning that they will remain relevant to audiences for a long time. Social media sites are now celebrating video more than many other post-types, and are continually updating their video functionality to reflect consumer trends.

Whilst video can be an investment of time, it is one worth making for your future marketing. The power of video in marketing is set to stay, so don’t delay implementing into your strategy.

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