Video marketing. Why everyone is doing it.


Social Media Executive

Video is everywhere. Once the preserve of larger companies, thanks to mobile phone technology and social media, businesses of all shapes and sizes are now using video regularly.  It has become a key element of marketing plans and activity for so many organisations.

video marketing

Video is such a powerful tool, it’s not surprising that use of video marketing has grown exponentially in recent years and is showing no signs of slowing down.  Here’s why everyone is getting involved:


Anyone can now make a video on a mobile phone. It may not be the best footage or the most beautifully directed video but it is accessible, cost effective and can be spontaneous too. Events can be captured as they happen by whoever is there with a phone to hand. This means filming can now happen without large budgets and months of planning.

However, it is worth remembering that there will always be times when a professional videographer is the right approach. The key is a balance of approaches.

Search engine results

Search engines love video.  If you have video embedded in your website you will improve your search ranking and boost your web traffic. Once on your site, video helps keep your web visitors engaged.


We’ve been saying this for years and we’re still saying it, people are spending more and more time on mobile devices.

Video is perfect for mobile and use of mobile video has been growing year on year with no sign of slowing down.

Consumers are far more likely to watch a video about a new product or service than to read a blog post about it on their phone. They can absorb the information quicker, particularly while on the go.

Social Media

Video works brilliantly on social media and helps improve engagement. People notice video, it is a great way to attract attention and gain followers. If you can make interesting, relevant videos your followers won’t just watch them, they’ll share them too.


Videos can be perfect for telling a story or informing an audience. ‘How to’ videos are incredibly popular and work well for building interest and trust. They help to encourage loyalty from existing customers as well as to convert new ones.

If you would like to use more video as part of your marketing but aren’t sure where to start get in touch to find out how we can help.