Types of video marketing

Creating and hosting videos online is an ever-growing method of marketing a brand in the digital world.

Web users are demanding more diverse and interactive types of content, and video is one of the most effective and diverse ways to get the word out there about your business.

There are many different types of video – not least including promotional, corporate, instructional, and testimonial. Take a look below to find out more about these.

Corporate video

The term ‘corporate video’ can be used to describe pretty much any video about an actual business. This type of video is typically in-depth, and focused specifically on promoting your business as a whole rather than individual products or services.

Your company’s corporate videos could include details of, for example, your product’s manufacturing process, business reports, or the company’s history and development; and can be used for promotional purposes both externally and internally.

Instructional video

This style of video is essentially a tutorial, informing or educating the viewer on a particular subject. Instructional videos can either be long or short, depending on the complexity of the subject matter, and quite often will be included as part of a series of videos all in a particular style, to establish continuity for your brand.

Around 95% of the knowledge covered in a video can be recalled after 72 hours.

An instructional video could consist of a step-by-step guide of how to use a product or conduct a task, or be used as a training video for internal staff members, for health and safety or their daily duties, for example. The video will often have either a voiceover or ‘actor’ demonstrating something, along with titles to reinforce this.

Testimonial video

Testimonial videos are usually filmed ‘to camera,’ with a client describing a positive experience of doing business with your brand. The client is often looking offset, to give the appearance of an interview taking place, unless the client is addressing the viewer or giving a specific call to action.

Often, the filming is accompanied with cutaways of relevant media to the subject being spoken about, to reinforce and showcase what is being spoken about, and to keep the viewer entertained and engaged.

What we can do

Our in-house videography team is passionate about producing videos which reflect and enhance your brand image with every frame.

We can make informed recommendations throughout the entire scripting, filming, and editing processes, with a department we’re proud to say is incredibly skilled in producing videos in all of the above styles.

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