Welcome Nicola!

Hannah Jenkins

Social Media Manager

We are pleased to announce that the Entyce team has grown once again, as Nicola Myers has joined us as Account Manager.

With our client numbers ever increasing, Entyce felt we needed someone capable, committed and experienced to look after them and Nicola seemed like the perfect fit! Nicola will be working alongside everyone here at Entyce as she gets to know our client base, and will work closely with our social, content and design teams to ensure every client’s need is met.

Having worked with Nicola previously, we already knew that Nicola’s experience in both marketing and account management was exactly what we were looking for, and her personality was a perfect match for our team here.

As with our other new additions, Hannah and Kirstie, Nicola has joined us at a rather unusual time during the COVID-19 pandemic, and with some of the team still working remotely part-time. Despite this Nicola has taken it in her stride and we’re all really looking forward to the time when we’re all back in the office working together.

On behalf of the entire team here at Entyce, we’d like to wish Nicola a really warm welcome.