Here’s another of our client testimonials

We love hearing from happy clients of ours.   Simian Risk Group is a world-renowned scaffolding training and health and safety consultancy provider.  We’ve had the pleasure of working with them for 3 years.  Here is what Dave Randles, Simian Risk’s Safety Director had to say about working with Entyce.


What services does Entyce provide for you?
Entyce assist us with digital marketing – that comprises of the website, email marketing, video and copywriting.


Why did you choose Entyce?
When we met Jane and Libby, it was obvious straight away that they’d understand our needs being a young and dynamic business themselves.  We saw many parallels between the 2 businesses.


How have you found working with the team?
We’ve been working with Entyce for approximately 3 years.   The whole team are very personable and approachable whether it’s an amend to a graphic design, a tweak to the website or whether it’s assistance with drafting copy for a blog article, not to mention the assistance we’ve had with video production which has helped us greatly in interacting with our clients through various social media channels.


Does Entyce understand your business?
Entyce has an excellent understanding of our business because they’re great listeners, also because they go away and do their own market research into what is a very niche industry.


What’s the best thing about Entyce?
They’re young, they’re dynamic, they’re proactive, they’re reactive, they’re approachable, they’re personable and generally a good organisation to work with.


Would you recommend Entyce?
When we 1st engaged Entyce their brief was to help us maintain our position as market leaders but also to increase brand awareness, we believe we’ve achieved that so yes, I would recommend them without hesitation


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