What can you do to make your next email marketing campaign a success?


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Email marketing remains a crucial aspect to the strategies of countless businesses across the globe, and for good reason. According to research email has a huge 3,800% return on investment for businesses, that’s $38 for every $1 spent.

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Email marketing can be a competitive field. You want your email to stand out in someone’s inbox, for all the right reasons, and encourage people to click through to your site or get in touch to learn more. Unfortunately, with so many fellow businesses also choosing this medium, the inboxes of prospective customers become inundated with emails, and sadly many get ignored, deleted or (shock horror) sent to the junk or spam folder.

Nevertheless, when carried out effectively, email campaigns can significantly increase your leads, engagement and customer satisfaction. Done wrong, however, and you risk alienating your contact base. So how can you achieve this fine balance between engaging and informative, without appearing ‘spammy’? Below we take a look at our top tips for making your next email campaign a success.

Focus on your data list

Marketing to an audience that hasn’t shown interest in your product or service is precisely that, marketing to an uninterested party is highly unlikely to bring any results, making it a rather substantial waste of time. Your data list should be formed by those that have shown interest, such as previous customers, those who have downloaded something from your website, filled in a contact form, or people you have met whilst networking (and agree to you marketing to them). This is of particular importance under GDPR, as you could face hefty fines should you be found to be using data incorrectly.

Design, design, design

Design is a huge part of email marketing in terms of engagement. A dull or poorly executed email design will give recipients the wrong impression of your business, but the same can be said for an over-designed, over complicated email that detracts from your core message. Ensure your copy is clear, and encourages recipients to click or interact with your email, whilst including great imagery or video that adds to your message.


Video and GIFS in emails are quickly becoming effective tools for email marketers to grab the attention of recipients. Of course, if you use video you must ensure it is a well-edited and engaging video in its own right, but when used it can have a dramatic effect on your click-through and share rate of your email.

Tracking your ‘almost customers’

You may have seen a number of brands utilise this tactic when you have browsed their online shop without making a purchase, shortly after you will receive an email to prompt you to return. There is a fine line between a friendly reminder and appearing pushy, therefore we recommend you see how you customers react to emails of this kind and amend if needed.

These are just a few of many tactics you can use to improve your email marketing campaigns. For many of our clients, we support them in designing and building engaging emails which communicate key messages and news to their own customers. Want to find out more about how we do this? Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.