What will you send your clients this Christmas?

Traditional Christmas card?
The good old fashioned Christmas card. Sadly we see less and less Christmas cards sent via Royal Mail each year. Is it because of the cost of the card itself and postage, or perhaps the time it takes for the team to sign it and post them all out? Personally, we feel you can’t beat the reliable card! It adds a personal touch that your recipient will appreciate and display in their office, giving it longevity.

Christmas E-card?
If you have an extensive client database, then a Christmas e-card can be a popular choice for sending your festive wishes. If you sell products online, then offering a gift or incentive within your e-card can be an effective way of saying thank you to your clients for their custom over the past year. The cost implication for sending out e-cards is undoubtedly a lot more effective than the traditional card, however, you can lose the personal touch.

Gift and hamper?
Do you send a tangible ‘thank you’ to your suppliers or to your most active clients of that year? Receiving a box of chocolates or bottle of wine will certainly guarantee to put a smile on your recipient’s face, so what better way to show your appreciation and gratitude for working with your closest contacts. Of course the cost may be a steeper than the first two options, but the enjoyment you will certainly be greater.