Which social platforms are right for your business?

We all know that social media has a key role to play in business but getting it right isn’t always that straight forward.

One of the questions we are often asked by clients is which social media platforms are the best for marketing? The answer of course depends on the type of business you are in and what you what to achieve from your social media.


It’s a common misconception that social media is great because it is a form or free advertising, it’s easy and anyone can do it.  It is true that anyone can set up social media profiles for their organisation but to really get value out of your social platforms takes time and effort and a strategy!

The first thing we advise clients is to think about what they want to get out of their social media presence and then to consider which platforms would be most appropriate for them and will help them achieve their goals.

For those working in fashion or interior design then Pinterest should definitely be on your radar. If you are in the leisure industry then Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all worth considering.

For businesses in the events sector, those who are offering experiences or organisations selling aspirational products then Periscope (or Meerkat) might be worth considering.  Periscope is the relatively new kid on the block, now owned by twitter it has been growing in popularity.

If you are a B2B organisation, working in recruitment or HR then you’ll probably appreciate the benefits of LinkedIn.  For B2C organisations the value of LinkedIn is limited but it still has a place in conveying a brand and supporting the recruitment of future staff.

Twitter works in different ways for different types of organisations, when used properly it can be a great platform for B2B and B2C organisations.  It is also used very effectively by lots of social enterprises and charities as is Facebook.

Once you’ve decide which platform/s to use another important thing to consider is the 24 hour nature of social media and how you will manage this.  Facebook rewards pages for responding quickly to messages so response times, even outside office hours, are important and consumers have come to expect very quick responses.

Considering how you will react in the event of negative posts and any sort of crisis for your organisation is also something to consider carefully before creating any social media presence.

At Entyce we can offer support and advice on your social media strategy as well as a complete social media management service.  To find out more get in touch on 01244 310140.