Why everyone is obsessed with “how to” videos



YouTube was founded 14 years ago and since then its growth has been staggering. Users are spending more and more time watching video online and younger viewers are spending less time watching TV and more time online.

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The platform features a variety of content and amongst the most popular are music and “how to” video. YouTube certainly can’t be credited with the creation of the “how to” videos. From cookery programmes to children’s arts and crafts instructional video played a key role in television long before YouTube existed. However, it has certainly played a key role in the growing popularity of instructional videos.

The success of video sharing platforms like YouTube and more recently Facebook and Instagram along with the developments in mobile phone technology have led to more and more of these videos being produced and people can’t get enough of them.

After Google, YouTube is the second most visited site and a staggering 400 hours of video are uploaded to the platform every minute.

In a world where we all carry a powerful video camera in our bag or pocket making videos has never been so accessible or affordable. This is why there are videos showing you how to do almost anything online.

From make-up tutorials to how to charge a car battery, build a flatpack wardrobe or boil the perfect soft-boiled egg there are videos online showing you how to do almost anything you can think of. Forget complicated instruction manuals or following recipe books just YouTube it. (Other platforms are available!)

Many “how to” videos are created by vloggers and influencers however businesses who aren’t capitalising on the trend for video could learn a lot from the success of these YouTubers.

Depending on your product or service instructional videos can act as a powerful promotional and branding tool. They can be used to demonstrate the scope and effectiveness of a product or can add brand value by providing a helpful resource which will benefit your customers and encourage their loyalty. This approach can be incredibly effective and with the growth in video showing no signs of slowing it should certainly be a key consideration in any digital marketing planning.

If you are considering video for your business then get in touch. Whether you already have a clear idea what you are looking for or need some creative ideas we can help.