Working with CADS to create a series of technical case studies

Working with CADS to create a series of technical case studies


Head of Marketing

The content team at Entyce has been busy working on a series of technical case studies for global engineering and construction software specialists CADS.


Established in 1974, CADS is a leading software developer specialising in solutions for civil & structural engineering design and detailing. CADS employs more than 300 staff around the world and has an installed base of 6000 customers using 60,000 licences in more than 90 countries.

With an international client base, creating the series of case studies has involved researching projects as far afield as Chennai and Dubai as well as some significant construction developments in the UK.  Interviews have been arranged with project managers, civil and structural engineers about their experience of working with CADS, the benefits of using their software or outsourcing detailing to them on key projects.

Through interviews we gleaned information about the challenges they faced during the different stages of major development projects and how our client helped them overcome these challenges.

The case studies are all featured on their website and have been created as pdf documents so they can be produced as printed documents for promoting their services to clients at sales meeting or events and exhibitions.  View the case studies here.

Case studies are a great way of demonstrating the scope of work of an organisation and the benefits and value its services can bring.

Rather than simply describing services a case study can be used to shed light on the approach, measurable outcomes and specific results in a particular project.  Case studies also offer an opportunity to highlight key success stories and projects which may have involved a bespoke service or solution.  They offer more detail than a testimonial and can be a great resource for sharing with prospective clients to give real insight into a company’s capabilities and how their current clients have found the experience of working with them.