Why you should be writing high quality content to get your website seen


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I can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure your website contains high-quality content. Distributing weak content will not only deter potential customers from exploring your site, but many don’t realise that Google will also penalise a site for posting low-quality content, leading to lower rankings and lower visitors to your site.

Benefits of writing quality content for search engines & prospective customers

Google’s Panda 4.0 algorithm targets a number of things, including targeting sites with low quality or ‘thin content’; essentially this means that content that offers little value to a reader will not rank well.

First and foremost, your content should be written with your end user in mind (e.g. your prospective customers), not for search engines. There are a number of factors that will highlight the quality of your content, for example, bounce rate. When a user lands on your site, if they don’t immediately find what they’re looking for and don’t interact with other pages on the site, this means they have bounced. High bounce rates will indicate to Google that your content isn’t what people are looking for and is therefore low quality.

So, what are the benefits of having quality content:

Improved Rankings

Perhaps an obvious benefit, but high-quality content is much more likely to rank well in search engines.

Increased interaction

The more value your content has for readers, the more people will want to link to your content; this could be done in a number of ways, including: through their own blogs, social sharing and emailing. Subsequently the more interaction with your content, the wider your audience reach will become.

Some tips for producing quality content

Avoid keyword stuffing

Stuffing your content with the same keyword over and over again is bad SEO practice.  Not to mention the fact that if you’re too focused on fitting a keyword into content a certain number of times, you’re likely to be less focused on the quality of your content and how valuable it should be for users.

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Write about relevant and/or topical subjects

Think about what your customers will want to read, this could be current industry news that may affect or interest them or it may be providing tips on certain topics. If you struggle to think about relevant subjects to base your content around, think about your customers’ ‘pain points’ and how you can provide advice. Say, for example, you are a recruitment company, a ‘pain point’ could be candidates that struggle with nerves during an interview; a relevant blog, therefore, would provide tips on dealing with nerves.

For more information on Google’s Algorithm, Moz provides an excellent timeline of past updates, click here to view.

Here at Entyce, we can provide high-quality content for your sites, that is both relevant to customers and optimised for search engines; contact us today to find out how we could help your business.