The best types of video content to promote your business

The best types of video content to promote your business



Video marketing is a powerful tool that is being utilised by countless businesses throughout the globe, and for good reason! Statistics show that if your business’ landing page contains a video, it is 53% more likely to appear on page one of search engine results. It has been said that a viewer will retain 95% of a message when it is viewed on a video as opposed to a meagre 10% when reading a piece of text. But what options are out there in terms of video marketing for businesses? Here we explore some of the most successful video marketing formats that have proven to be an effective tool for our clients.

Video content marketing

Promotional video

A promotional video will act as a window into your company, allowing fellow businesses insight into your place of work, your employees and your services. Done right a promotional video should not only highlight your professionalism and cement your status as an authority in your industry, but also entice viewers into wanting to learn more about your business.

Testimonial videos

Reviews are a fantastic way to highlight to prospective clients the high quality service that you carry out, a testimonial video takes this to the next level. Viewers get to see your client, hear what they have to say about your services and potentially view some snippets of your work with a client taking place.

Guidance/ instructional videos

This is a great opportunity to really focus on your product or service as well as your knowledge on the industry in which your business operates. Instructional video could be interpreted in any number of ways, from a step-by-step guide, how to use a product or answering frequent questions.

Where to put video marketing

Once you have your video, you firstly need to store it online and promote it. First and foremost it should be on your website, whether it be on a relevant webpage or as part of an informative blog. YouTube and Vimeo are great platforms for which to host your video, and from this they should subsequently be shared across social media accounts.

As we have highlighted, video marketing can be used in a number of creative and impactful ways, take a look at our infographic below which highlights that value that video can bring to your business.

Video Marketing Infographic