Egg-tastic Easter marketing campaigns

Egg-tastic Easter marketing campaigns


Marketing Executive

Although not quite as extravagant as Christmas marketing efforts, brands across the UK take full advantage of the Easter celebrations to unleash their new and innovative marketing campaigns. Of course, it is the big food brands that make the biggest investment, and quite rightly so as 80 million Easter eggs are sold annually within the UK. As we await this year’s batch of campaigns, we are taking a look back at some of our favourite Easter campaigns from the past few years.


Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without coming across Cadbury, as their marketing tactics have raised the stakes for many fellow confectionery companies time and time again. Cadbury have managed to successfully transform their marketing strategy into an annual event, by hosting Easter egg hunts across the UK each year. 2018 will see an astounding 250 hunts in partnership with the National Trust. Not only has this gained promotion from one of the UKs most prestigious organisations, but the Easter egg hunt essentially gets thousands of people invested in their product.

Accompanying these enormous events, Cadbury release a television advert each year letting audiences know that eggs will be found across the UK. One of the more memorable of these tactics saw three giant Cadbury eggs placed into Loch Ness in a nod to the Loch Ness Monster.

Marks and Spencer

Marketing for Marks and Spencer around the Easter period acts as an extension to their already successful food campaigns. For a number of years now Marks and Spencer have been advertising their food products in an extremely visual way, pairing beautifully shot food videos with upbeat music, and Easter is no different. One of Entyce’s favourite Easter ads was 2016’s ‘adventures in which came first’ which managed to highlight the brand’s vast Easter egg range in the short space of 40 seconds. Take a look below:


Hidden camera videos inspired the Co-Op’s 2016 Easter campaign, as they filmed acts of kindness by members of the public to strangers in need (the stranger’s being actors). From a jogger losing his wallet without realising, to a man with both arms in a cast struggling to eat, the advert aimed to highlight the importance of a kind gesture. The advert was cleverly backed by a social media campaign, which allowed people to nominate their own ‘good egg’. Take a look at the heart warming advert below:

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