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Facebook Tests New Posting Options For Pages

The Entyce marketing team always get excited when we discover a new feature on social media.

Facebook has been vigorous in its introduction of new features this year but it is also well known for sneakily rolling out tests and subtle changes without officially announcing any updates.

The Entyce team were lucky enough to spot one of these subtle updates today. We have observed new displays for pages’ positing options and two new types of post as well.

New display:

Facebook seems to be focusing on how to increase businesses’ engagement with their customers. For any company, it is becoming the norm to use social media as a platform for appealing to your audiences but keeping customers engaged on your social media page is not just about great content anymore. Facebook is trying to make it even easier for users to access your businesses services and contact you.

Our team glimpsed the new display for pages’ posting options as shown above. There are five new tabs available when wanting to post to your page. These tabs are far more visual than the current options and make it easier for businesses to see the options available to them e.g. share a photo or video, create an event or create an offer. These options have been possible for some time but not always that obvious.

Current display:

There are also two new options: Learn More posts and Send A Message posts. These seem to behave just as a normal post but with a Learn More call to action button automatically brought into your post and linking direct to your website homepage and for the Send a Message option a call to action button that auto opens a Facebook message box for the user to your page.

You might have spotted these features before in calls to action next to your cover photo or in adverts and for a while at the end of Facebook videos (the latter was discontinued) but now they will be possible in normal posts.

Just Testing?

We believe this new feature is only in testing as Facebook have yet to report on it and many of our industry peers whom we have contacted have yet come upon this new element. Entyce have only spotted this on one of our pages and so it will be great to see if this feature is carried out to all business pages in the near future.

We think the new feature is definitely an improvement and it would be great to hear if anyone else has seen this feature on their business pages. Let us know if you too have spotted this subtle new feature and let us know what you think.