Iceland steals the Euros limelight on social media

England’s match against Iceland had me captivated but it wasn’t the just football I was watching. OK so it was on the TV in background but as I’m Welsh I wasn’t exactly giving what was happening on the pitch 100% of my attention. I hoped England would win, with all the negativity surrounding the recent referendum I figured two of the home nations making it to the quarter finals would be good for morale.

What did grab my interest though during and after the match was the mileage a certain British frozen food retailer was gaining from the event on social media.

Iceland’s reaction to the match as it unfolded was social media genius at work and a brilliant example of how being tuned in and reactive can really pay dividends. Many big brands invested enormous sums on money on sponsorship deals for the Euros. Iceland did agree a sponsorship deal but it’s the engagement carefully masterminded on social media that has seen them steal much of the limelight from bigger sponsors.

Iceland were already doing a brilliant job with their social media campaign from the hashtag #PowerOfFrozen to their MD’s specially designed half Iceland half England shirt, it was well planned and well executed.

Then banter between the frozen food retailer and England’s sponsor Carlsberg took things to another level. Carlsberg suggested a “cheeky wager” the bet which played out on twitter was that if Iceland (the football team) lost then Iceland (the retailer) would supply ice creams to the Carlsberg head office. If England lost Carlsberg would send beers up to the Iceland head office in North Wales. True to their word Carlsberg have today tweeted a photo of a delivery lorry en route with the promised beers!

Their work was so clever because it was fun and light hearted. It also showed personality and felt authentic which is so important on social media. They cleverly balanced affection for both teams and injected just the right amount of humour.

Major sporting events can offer great opportunities for brands brave enough to be creative and react quickly.

Great work Iceland!