Olympics inspired fitness boost

Summer is here and the Olympics are well underway, so what better time for us to focus on getting fit?

Generally we’re a pretty health conscious team and believe in healthy body, healthy mind.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m into running or least talking about running! So the fact the team here are getting on board with a bit of a fitness mission is really exciting.

Here are some of the highlights over recent months and some of the things we have coming up to look forward to:


Let’s kick off with Serena Williams, sorry, I mean Libby!
As of this year Libby has been a devoted player in the Widows ladies doubles tennis league, which is made up of 4 divisions.

With it being her first year, Libby and her tennis partner Annabel started at the bottom and are in the process of working their way up. They are now sat proudly in 5th position in the 2nd division.

As if that wasn’t enough Libby is also now in training for Tough Mudder which takes place next month. She’s been getting involved with the Delamere Park Runs which will hopefully help her get round the gruelling Tough Mudder course.




Onto Kerry…
Kerry is engaged to a personal trainer, so she’s in the best hands for keeping fit! With her wedding fast approaching she’s upped her game even more and signed herself up for a 5 week course of Bootcamp – Eat Train Live. The classes take place at 6am 3 mornings a week in Pentre Mawr Park, Abergele.


She’s currently two weeks into the course and so far the weather has been kind to her.

She also has two energetic dogs which she can be found walking before and after work! On top of all this, Kerry has also started running, yay! It won’t be long now until I have an Entyce running buddy!


Moving onto Mike…

Mike is the only one in the team who consistently manages to refuse the numerous cakes, biscuits and chocolates the rest of us consume on a daily basis.

He lives walking distance to the office so manages to combine his daily activities with his walk into work and back. At the weekend he’s a keen mountain biker and can often be found racing round Llandegla with his brother in-law.



Can’t catch Carissa…
Carissa lives in North Wales so instead of parking outside the office each day, she sets off super early and parks a good distance away from the office so she can get a good stretch of her legs on her way in.

Carissa’s partner is a keen gamer, so Pokemon Go has taken over their lives at the weekend, giving them the opportunity to go out on adventures and see if they can capture some rare Pokemon characters.


She’s fond of the Lake District and recently clocked up thousands of steps on a family weekend away.


The little mermaid…
Paul is the swimmer of the group, if he’s not in his local pool he’ll be swimming in the River Dee in his flattering wetsuit. He’s also a dog owner and is out and about walking most evenings after work.


Not satisfied with this, Paul has decided to organise an Entyce team walk up Snowdon! All details to be revealed soon…


Tom is more of a footballer and plays in a 5-a-side team. He’s always looking for the next challenge or adventure to get involved with so he was a definite hands up when Paul asked who wanted to take part in his Snowdon challenge.



Olivia manages to keep in shape running around after her 3 year old son. She’s never been keen when I’ve suggested any running challenges, but let’s see if Paul can tempt her with his mountain walk plans!


Ginny has got two granddaughters who she regularly helps out with and they certainly keep her on her toes! She’s recently invested in a vibration plate machine which she is convinced is doing her some good.


Finally me…
I’ve got a couple of events coming up, firstly Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon which is on the 11th September. I’ve done quite a few half marathons now, so I’m hoping to beat my personal best but not convinced at the moment!

Then in October I’m going to be taking part in Hell Runner, as if the name alone wasn’t enough to put me off!

As well as being such a fit team we’ve also got pretty energetic clients, so if anyone wants to find out more about our fitness plans for the rest of the year and would like to join us on any of our events, please let us know.