Taking a seat with Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan at Climb Con

Taking a seat with Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan at Climb Con

On Friday last week I had the pleasure of a day out of the office to attend the first ever Climb Con event which took place at the Sofitel Hotel at Heathrow airport.

Mark Wright, winner of The Apprentice 2014 and Director of Climb Online, was the event host and brains behind the day. Mark kick-started the event with an overview of his career to date prior to winning The Apprentice and becoming a business partner to Lord Sugar.

It was different from other events we’ve previously attended, there were no sales pitches and no typical ‘speakers’ just real-life successful business people sharing their knowledge and advice for success in business.

It was fascinating to see Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan take to the stage and go head to head debating various issues, ranging from Brexit and knife crime to plastic surgery and veganism. They opened up with questions from the audience and someone even had the bottle to offer Lord Sugar a business deal, unsuccessfully, but it took some courage all the same!

One of the most influential speakers on the day, in my opinion, was Michael Howard, he talked about leaving home at the tender age of 17 with no money and no qualifications and how he’s now the Chairman of MARIS, an office interior design business with a £200 million turnover. He shared some great advice, as well as some alarming business stats which included the fact that only 50% of all UK start-up businesses will survive 12 months.

Within 5 years 80% of businesses fail.

With a dismal 4% who make it to 10 years. Luckily at Entyce we have smashed these statistics with 2019 being our 12th year of trading.

Being a digital marketing agency, it was interesting to attend an event hosted by another digital marketing agency, who has a little helping hand from Lord Sugar himself. It was great to hear that everything Climb Online were suggesting and advising from a marketing perspective is inline with the services and recommendations we offer to the businesses we support.

If you would like to find out more about the event or to discuss how digital marketing could help to grow your business, get in touch on 01244 310140.