Twitter to extend 140 character restriction

Soon you may be able to Twitter on for longer.


The powers that be at Twitter are considering upping their 140 character limit to a potentially whopping 10,000 characters!  Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter is actually a fan of the 140 limit:

‘It’s become a beautiful constraint and I love it! It inspires creativity and brevity.  And a sense of speed…’

We’re inclined to agree with Jack, so why the plan to increase the limit?



Twitter monitor their users’ behaviour and have noticed that people have started tweeting screen shots of text to get their messages across without being restricted by the character limit.  As a result of this they feel the change is probably necessary.

The announcement has been met with mixed feelings.  How will it change the look and feel of Twitter and what effect will it have on businesses?  Will they have to adapt their social media strategies to continue achieving online success?

It will certainly cause us all to get that little bit more creative when tweeting…watch this space!